Reg Length is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He has tutored people with special and complex needs using music as a source of communication. He has showcased for a series of recognisable independent record labels, and is now working in TV and Film. He has a new album out called Electric Cinema which is available on iTunes and Amazon

"It's like a trippy love letter to the greats. Hear Morricone, Conti, Budd, Barry, Schifrin et al there. Wake Up Boring Little World is exceptional" Ciarán Bradley

"I love soundtracking. You see one vision and you put this accompaniment together to go hand in hand with it. It shouldn't be the last thing to go in. it's obvious how important music is to people, so why anyone would want to put something in is beyond me. If you can quote the line, describe the scene, you should be able to hum the melody surely?" Reg Length.

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Current projects 

Reg is involved in is for Mellow 9 Exciiting story telling via visuals.....Word 9, 9 Scoops, Helicopters and Fancy Shoes, 9Arty, 9 Charities, short films - from page to screen - corporate vids, scriptwriting......and the rest....

Lost, Loved and Gained is a story about a young girl Krystal, whose only experience in 'love' is through paid sex with clients. Her outlook on life is tainted and warped; she doesn’t believe in others and even less in herself. She doesn't prostitute for the money but for a sense of self-worth and companionship.  Of course her ideology is deeply flawed and often extremely dangerous, and ultimately, never rewarding.

Other places to hear Reg's music including Soap Operatic Society, music to film, stand alone tracks, and general rantings.

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